Best Marketing Tips every Hairdresser in Paddington should try

As more people move into Paddington, they will need the best salons in town for the best look ever. As this number increases, they may have to depend on certain appointments, and salons should also create more rooms or flexibility in their schedule. Except for no-shows cases, all salons should live up to the delivery of the quality of service they promise the business owner. As a salon business owner or chief hairdresser, this battle is one you can’t afford to lose.

Moreover, it would help if you created innovative ways to catch your portion of potential customers’ new inflow. The competition can also be to your advantage if only you can do what others are not doing and improve on what they are already doing. Hence the need to improve on the existing marketing strategies of the salon business and create innovative ideas. This article focuses on how to help hairdressers in Paddington create a fantastic experience for their customers.

Top Marketing Tips for Hairdressers in Paddington

Use the Social Media

No doubt, the power of social media in the past few decades has been more than impressive. Hence, this tip is the first to start with, as you can reach as many potential customers out there as possible. Some of the top applications for this purpose may include Instagram, Facebook (including Business app), Pinterest, and other ones. Create a nicely designed profile on these platforms and regularly post helpful content to attract the right people.

Also, being on social media means that it is easy for potential customers to find your salon, communicate with you and make special requests. More so, ensure the business has a face brand, something that comes to an average person’s mind when they hear about your business. However, you may need to employ the services of a social media manager to handle your business. Alternatively, you can get a freelancer to handle everything for the company.

Salon SMS Marketing

It is not an outdated practice to send out SMS to potential and existing customers through their mobile lines. Interestingly, this process can be automated and scheduled to be sent to designated numbers at designated times. Another use of this strategy is in helping customers to keep to their booked appointments. But it also implies that you should have their mobile contact numbers and permission to contact them.

There are several marketing SMS templates online you can use for promotions. Or you can compose yours and save them as templates for reminders or notification of special offers and special seasons. You may also send out the availability of appointment times towards an upcoming season. Sending out these friendly messages to your customers can also serve as a tool for them to recommend your business to others. However, avoid sending out spam messages.

Use Appointment Cards or Applications

One way that your customers may never forget you is if you get your brand across them daily. Therefore, businesses with direct B2C types of operations have learned to help customers schedule essential appointments. In other words, when customers make a physical appointment booking, give them an appointment card to bring along when coming. It doesn’t even have to be a sophisticated material. A simple one with essential details can do. 

Alternatively, you can install an automatic appointment booking application with a profile for your salon. Each logging of appointments should also contain unique codes for each customer and encourage them to follow you on social media. As a manager, you may also include special offers such as a 20% discount on the customer’s next appointment with online booking. Using this method can also improve your customer retention and loyalty programs while saving you reasonable costs. 

Write a Blog

Funny. One way to attract new customers is by creating helpful blog content online and adding your contacts. The blog may be yours, or you can make a guest post on another blog. What is important is that you post highly profitable contents that are also optimized for the right audience. You can find many beauty and fashion online blogs and sites, which are willing to accept quality guest posts. Start with a few articles and see how it goes.

Another advantage you can get from writing a blog is the spread of your brand awareness beyond your immediate environment. People are often drawn to wherever they get quality content. Remember also to add a link to your site or social media profiles. If this plot is also successful as expected, you can even make some financial profits to enhance your business’ stature. Explore all the benefits that are writing a blog can give to your business. click here to learn more about start your won business.

Give out special promotional offers

We finally arrived at one of the most convenient ways of getting more customers into your salon. Bear in mind that these potential customers want a good reason to choose your salon above another. And one way to convince them is by giving out freebies that can come in various ways. For instance, you may give out special discounts, promos, coupons, free home service delivery, and other similar promotional offers. 

It would be best to explore ways for these customers to believe your business is entirely about them and what they want. Also, simplify the process of getting these special offers because an encumbered process may not work. For instance, you may offer a 20% discount on the next call or a 30% discount on the first few responses to a particular promotional SMS. Just be creative with what works well for your business and remains within your marketing budget. 

It is imperative to market your business with your customers’ interest as the center of your efforts on a final note. Remember that as you implement new marketing strategies to find new customers, you also need to keep existing. The customer retention or loyalty programs can help you reward existing customers who have built trust in your brand. Be innovative in your marketing approach as it takes less effort to keep existing customers than to convert new ones. In all, implementing the five strategies above can save your business from waste and frustration.

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